Barriers Of The Elderly Population Essay

Barriers Of The Elderly Population Essay

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Gaps in the Older Americans Act are related to the growing number of the aging population that has been increasing over the years and the funding deficits. The funds for these programs have not kept up with inflation. In addition, funding to some of these programs have been cut by officials. Funding for all of these programs are critical and need to be increased to meet the needs of the elderly population so they can remain to live independently in their homes and communities. Transportation would be extremely beneficial for the elderly population in rural areas (Kastner, 2016).

The gaps in The Americans with Disabilities Act is due to the inaccessibility to the Internet for those individuals that are blind, deaf or have a learning disability. Also many of the Americans with disabilities are skillful or trained to work, but cannot get a job as a result of some employers discriminating against them. Funding that is available for people with disabilities is currently in jeopardy. The increase of the Baby Boom generation entering the elderly population will result in fewer funds that will be available for programs to assist individuals with disabilities. A solution to this problem would be for the public to change their opinion on individuals with disabilities and employers not discriminate against them and offer them employment. The availability and use of technology would also assist people with disabilities (Wharton, 2015).

There are several parts of Medicare that are available to the population that are 65 years or older or that are disabled. However, there is a premium to pay every month for these health benefits and they do not cover all incurred health expenses. There are optional parts that can be purchased to cover th...

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...ordable Care Act was intended to provide everybody with healthcare coverage. Although many more people have obtained health coverage, there is not enough actual healthcare providers available to provide health services to the elderly living in rural areas. This was a major problem even prior to the Affordable Care Act. There is also a shortage of healthcare providers that can meet the growing number and demands of the elderly population (Anderson, 2014). Also the cost of obtaining healthcare under the Affordable Care is no longer affordable. A solution to this problem would be to increase incentives that would attract healthcare providers to work in rural areas. If there are more healthcare providers available in these areas, then there could also be more hospitals and health clinics in rural areas which would increase the quality of life of the elderly population.

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