The Barriers Of Muslim Women Face Of Mosque, And The Author 's Bias Opinion

The Barriers Of Muslim Women Face Of Mosque, And The Author 's Bias Opinion

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What is Race? “Race, as a social construct, is a group of people who share similar and distinct physical characteristics” (Wiki).Race is also a barrier that’s blocks people from seeing a difference in anyone else. In this essay I want to address the barriers that Muslim women face in mosque, and the author’s bias opinion and relating to my personal experience of being an African-American woman in America
Islam is said to be a religion that is colorblind and does not show mistreatment because of someone ethnic background. In the book American Muslim Women, the author discuses segregated mosque and areas in Chicago and Atlanta. She mention how Chicago being the most diverse city in America, is also the most segregated. The majority blacks living on the south side living in bad areas and also low in income and the majority of Caucasian and Asians living on the North side which is up scale and vibrant place to live. Everyone is separated by an invisible barrier, which is poor on one corner and rich on another. If I was to google “poverty” in Chicago, there would be more imagines of blacks and immigrants than anyone else. Even Mosque’s in Chicago are segregated, they have African-American mosque, Indian mosque, Pakistan mosque and etc. Also, within the mosque the women and men are separated, men in front, women in back. In most mosque they have a physical barrier like a wall or curtain separating the two from interaction, I learned this from watching “Me and the Mosque”. The barriers is in place because “without a partition, men will be distracted by women’s bodies. Men’s prayer spaces are larger. Women’s go through rear doors, back alleys” (173). I asked my classmate who is a Muslim woman if she was bothered by the separation a male...

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... “That’s so stupid of her to do”. I thought it was stupid of her to say that because I done that plenty of times, and when I tried to explain to her that I didn’t think the act was racist, she looked at me like I was crazy. Then I tried to explain to them that sometimes I seek other African Americans in my class, so I know that I’m not alone. Also, in life that I was taught that there always is going to be a barrier that blocking you from achieving you goal just because I’m African-American and I’m a woman. It’s almost a habit of mine that I look for more people of color in my classes because firstly they know what it means to be black in American and they understand the pressure we face to excel in everything we do because there will always be someone to try to lessen your worth. I know I’m worth a lot more than the negative views I getting for being a black female.

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