The Barriers Of Communication And Negative Staff Work Essay

The Barriers Of Communication And Negative Staff Work Essay

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The data collected regarding the barriers in communication and negative staff work experience resulting in inadequate client care was derived from staff and clients ' reactions and testimony. Following the appointment of the new CEO and the organization 's environmental transition from a client and family focused agency to a financially oriented business, several senior management personnel, as well as some of the direct staff have resigned from their positions only to take the same or similar position at a competing agency. Those that remain have voiced their dissatisfaction about the reduction of their benefits, a lack of access to knowledge about the organization 's future, and the lack of equality in treatment in comparison to the clients. The most frequent complaint among staff was the unwillingness of the CEO and executive team to inform the agency of their vision for the organization and believe that the CEO and executives are withholding that information because it will not be well received by the agency. However, if there are strong social ties within an organization and information is shared freely, there is a higher probability that ideas and information will be more well received (Cohen & Hyde, 2014).
The dissatisfaction in the organizational environment and work experience felt by the staff resulted in a negative experience for the agency 's clients. Testimony and reactions of the clients do not reflect positively on the Arc Oneida-Lewis. Clients, as well as their families have expressed the desire to be informed about the agency 's changes and status and feel uncomfortable when this need is not met. In addition, the clients have voiced concern over the numerous amounts of new staff resulting from the resignations of...

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...working forces that support the change goal. Organizing and methodically using these working forces can produce substantial influence on the critical and facilitating actors. The Arc Oneida-Lewis relies significantly on community and family support, by way of financial and material donations, volunteerism, and other services. It is important that these stakeholders remain informed of the agencies vision and changes so that the Arc, a non-profit organization, can continue to receive support in the form of social capital. Cohen and Hyde (2014) define social capital as "connections among individuals, social networks, and the norms or reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them" (p. 79). If the clients ' families and community supporters feel uneasy or ill-informed about the changes occurring within the organization, social capital may dwindle or disappear.

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