Essay on Barriers Of Accessing Mental Health Counseling

Essay on Barriers Of Accessing Mental Health Counseling

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Barriers to accessing mental health counseling
In today’s society, the news is filled with stories of mass shootings, teen suicides,and drug addiction. The question always remains, why did the perpetrators not get help beforehand? Those who suffer with mental illness often realize something is wrong, but unfortunately they do not always get the necessary help they need. This is because there still exists many barriers to receiving quality mental health care. Those who need mental health services may not receive proper care because there is a stigma around mental health, it can be difficult to access mental health services and/or they may have had a previous negative experience with a counselor that deters them from counseling.
Unfortunately, those who have a mental illness often suffer in silence because of the stigma of mental illness. There is a lot of misunderstanding about mental illness and sufferers may not fully understand what they are experiencing. Unfortunately, mental illness is still stigmatized in society and is falsely associated with weakness, as opposed to physical...

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