Barriers in Older People Essay

Barriers in Older People Essay

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Barriers in Older Persons

Lattimore et al., (2011) said that the term “barrier” is used to describe anything the participants reported as obstacles to being physically active. A barrier is not necessarily something that keeps a person from being physically active, but something that is perceived as an obstacle to overcome in order to be physically active. In order to effectively change behavior it is important to understand and address barriers. These barriers can be grouped into individual, environmental, and social categories (Lattimore et al., 2011). However, according to Petursdottir, Arnadottir, & Halldorsdottir (2010), they stated that there are internal and external factors which can act as facilitators or barriers to exercising.

Prior to internal factors, it comes from the individual attributes itself. Firstly is motivation. The influence of motivation was evident in the study, emerging from various sources. Based on Petursdottir, Arnadottir, & Halldorsdottir (2010), elderly with health problems were eager to find activities and exercise that fitted them and in many cases, they adapted their exercises to their life. Otherwise for other participants, they were motivated by the results of the exercise, not because they liked it or enjoyed it. However, there is one of the participants seemed to lack the motivation to exercise, based on an overwhelming experience of boredom while exercising (Petursdottir, Arnadottir, & Halldorsdottir, 2010). Moreover, the participants were also very candid about their lack of self-discipline and motivation when trying to adhere to an exercise program. Prior to boredom, some respondents noted that there were “much more interesting” things to do rather than exercising, which developed into a ...

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...sses often were difficult to find, and sometimes it was difficult to get information about them. Moreover, they said that sometimes, the accessibility of training facilities was poor and the equipment not user-friendly. Besides, they also mentioned that the main hindrance to accessibility was stairs and when walking outside, the lack of benches was become a barrier (Petursdottir, Arnadottir, & Halldorsdottir, 2010).
Financial costs of physical activity behavior in regards to the cost of a gym membership had appeared as a barrier for five participants. Otherwise, participants should admit that there were other avenues in which physical activity was possible without incurring the cost of a gym membership (Buman, Yasova, & Giacobbi, 2010). The consumption of alcohol was also pointed out as other barriers preventing the elderly from exercising (Ashe et al., 2009).

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