Barriers Are Meant For A Cross Essay

Barriers Are Meant For A Cross Essay

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Barriers Are Meant to Be Cross

Life is about setting goals, and accomplish everything you set your mind to. We have all break some type of boundaries that stopped us. Some barriers are meant to be cross, just like some rules are meant to be broke; that’s what life is all about. We all have to go through it. The biggest, and toughest border I had to cross in my life was to move to the US, there were so many changes. I had to sacrifice a lot of things fortunately, it was worth it. Because I have a whole new world know, a world that changed my perception of everything from language, culture, and even the education.

The language was the most difficult obstacle for me. Learn a new language is always a difficult phase, I personally didn’t felt the same self-steam, and I still don 't. When I speak in Spanish, I speak really fast, the tone of my voice changes, I have more confidence. However, with English is never the same, as much as I learn it, it will always feel awkward. In the reading, “Silence”, by Maxine Hong Kingston, this quote discusses about being silent, how you always have that fear inside when speaking another language. The quote states “I became silent. A dumbness – A shame – still cracks my voice in two, even when I want to say “hello” casually, or ask any question in front of the check-out counter, or ask directions of a bus driver”, (Kingston 111). This quote connects to be in a high level, I sill feel that exactly same way, its still difficult for me to communicate, or speak loud, without my voice falling. Sometimes I tell myself that even though, people say I have a good English, it 's never good enough, because I often underestimate myself. Its weird because even in school here, I never had anyone laughing or had a...

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...we as human have to pass through, it 's definitely a life changing experience, but it 's also a learning experience. If someone 's ask me, I would do it again, I don 't regret anything about it, because that 's what life it 's about. Life is about the choices you make, they can be either good, or bad, but are your choices, and you going to learn and grow from them no matter the results, that 's how you overcome obstacles.

I learned that some borders are meant to be cross, I don 't think that is a mistake. Because like everything in life was a learning experience. I don 't feel like I lost anything, my family, my friends, there are all there, and they are always going to be there. In contrast I gained in my education I gained, because I’m leaning more know, I 'm becoming a better person. And my culture, my culture will never be lost, it will be always in my heart.

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