Baroque Vs. Rococo Style Essay

Baroque Vs. Rococo Style Essay

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Since his origin’s earth, man has always tried to create art. Even in the prehistoric period, cave paintings were an instinctive way to create beauty. People have the art of creating, inspiring, and exciting. They want to differentiate themselves from the others, and in their eagerness to achieve their goal, they left thousands of representations that reflected their great creations through history. Baroque and Rococo are two of the main periods where art has developed at its finest. Their styles had many differences. However, it is in the paintings from their time period where two differences between Baroque and Rococo can be identified: the theme and the colors of the paintings.
In the first place, the big difference between Baroque and Rococo style is the theme. In Baroque paintings there are a predilection for naturalism, dynamism, realism, and tenebrism. Rich, vivid colors, strong light, and shadow are characterized by the drama. The realism of the paintings is used to transmit the religious ideas; thus the Baroque style became a strong support for the church. The Baroque is a period where it breaks from the classical concept of the Renaissance. It was influenced by the Catholic Church in Europe trying to react to the revolutionary movements of the Protestant Reformation. Representations in the paintings prioritize the religious, mythological and daily life, and the more theatrical and dramatic moment is represented.
In Spain, the figures in the paintings do not usually pose; they are captured with exaggerated movements giving strength to the scene. It can be seen in “Las Meninas” famous Velasquez painting. Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor), created in 1656, oil on canvas, by Diego Velasquez, is one of the best representatio...

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...wer and the Rococo was at the service of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie. They had marked differences in the art of painting, Baroque is characterized by the drama, intense colors and strong lights and shadows while the Rococo is characterized by opulence, elegance and the use of bright colors. However, in both periods the painter has a good knowledge of his art and wants to let clear to the viewer his individuality, feelings and experience, but playing a role of expressions of political views, revolutionary movements, and religious beliefs. He wants to capture in his work the scene of the time that actually represents.
Baroque and Rococo were two periods where the development of the arts reached a high point through the history. Besides its history, they leave us a priceless cultural legacy, worthy of admiration and inspiration of great artists around worldwide.

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