Essay on The Baroque Period : Johann Sebastian Bach

Essay on The Baroque Period : Johann Sebastian Bach

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The Baroque Period was a very unique time period when the arts flourished, especially music. New techniques and ideas began to become more prominent during this time and changed the rules of how music was being written. Also, new composers appeared and gave their own input and style to Baroque music. However, one of the most prolific and well known composer during this time was Johann Sebastian Bach. It is also no surprise that he was an excellent musician and composer. Bach was born into a life of music. Musicians had been in his family for generations and continued with him, his siblings, and his children. However, he was one of the more well-known musicians in his family. His music became very prominent and defined an era. People from all over Europe, especially Germany, wanted to hear and perform his music. The Baroque Period would not have been what it was without Bach and his music, and at the end of his life an entire era ended.
Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany to a family where music was prominent. The Bach family was always known for having musicians in it and the musicianship of the Bach family expanded for generations. Bach’s father, Johann Ambrosius, was a violin player in the town of Eisenach where Bach was born. Bach started school in 1692 and mainly studied Latin which was mainly due to his Lutheran faith. While he was attending school, he was also learning music from his father who taught him how to play the violin and harpsichord. These instruments were the very prominent in Baroque music and was typical for musicians to learn during this time. Bach’s knowledge of the harpsichord would later help his performing and composing abilities and would help him when he learned how to p...

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..., Bach woke up and could see very clearly, however later that day he suffered from a stroke and a fever which led him to pass away later that day.
The Baroque Period was definitely an era for new musical techniques and composers to become popular. Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the most popular composers during the Baroque Period. Even though he was a brilliant composer, he was better known as an organist and improviser during his musical career and lifetime. His music defined an era and helped create what the Baroque style was and spread throughout Europe and became widely popular. He is noted as one of the most prominent composers of the Baroque Period because of compositions and performing abilities and his music has lasted for centuries. The Baroque Period would not have been what it was with Bach. He truly dedicated his life to music and helped define an era.

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