Baroque Era Music Compared to Modern Rock Essay

Baroque Era Music Compared to Modern Rock Essay

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When comparing Baroque era music to any modern day rock band, one most listen to the music with open ears. It is hard to identify the similarities of Baroque music and that of modern day rock. Although, the advances made in music during the Baroque era (1600-1750) are still noticeable in modern day rock. A perfect example of the noticeability of modern rock influenced by Baroque music can be heard in the Baroque music of Johann Sebastian Bach’s, “Brandenburg Concerto No 4 G major BWV 1049”(Classical Vault 2), and modern day rock band, This will destroy you combined instrumental music, “Three legged work horse and there are some” (TheRealConcertKing). Although both compositions show much difference, they are also very similar in the way the music is set up and thought out in music form.
In both Bach’s, “Brandenburg Concerto No 4 G major BWV 1049” (Classical Vault 2), and in This will destroy you, “Three legged workhorse and there are some”
(TheRealConcertKing), the polyphonic contrapuntal style is apparent. However, it is accompanied by concerto grosso with use of the technique of terraced dynamics in ritornello form (Whitehouse 76). In Johann Sebastian Bach’s, “Brandenburg Concerto No 4 G major BWV 1049”(Classical Vault 2), the major and minor tonality is obvious, The terraced dynamic are clearly heard when the solo (violin and two flutes) play and when the full orchestra plays (Whitehouse 86). Author Whitehouse writes,” The immediate decrease in sound when the smaller group plays and a return to a full sound when the full orchestra plays” (Whitehouse 87). Bach also used ritornello form in “Brandenburg Concerto No 4 G major BWV 1049” (Classical Vault 2). Bach’s chosen ripieno is, tutti, solo, tutti, solo, tutti, solo (Whitehouse 8...

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...ner gets, “the essence of perfect ordered” (Sartorius).

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