Barbie 's Role Model Of Barbie Essay

Barbie 's Role Model Of Barbie Essay

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Over the past 50 years Barbie has not only been a best friend to many little girls across America but she has been a role model to them as well. Barbie is everything any growing girl would want to be. After all she is living the dream, not only with the materialistic aspects of her life like the houses, cars and of course we cannot forget about her fashion, but also with her extensive resume filled with many careers. Or at least that is what the creators of Barbie intended for her but the reality is that Barbie can only truly be relatable to a small demographic of girls. When Barbie made her debut in a 1959 advertisement she was a thin, bond haired, blue eyed, fashion model. Not exact relatable to most girls. In this past year Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie released an advertisement that showed a collection of Barbie dolls that could reach a wider verity of girls called "Fashionistas."
In 1959 when the first Barbie was release there was no other doll on the market like it. An adult doll with a somewhat sexy figure was presented to young girls as someone to aspire to. In this advertisement of the doll they even made it clear to you by explaining, "She is shapely and all grown up!" This was unacceptable to some but to most it was the idea of giving your child a toy designed to allow them to practice for roles they will take on as adults. The advertisement also reflects a doll that has blond hair, blue eyes, and that is "flesh toned and life like." The problem with that is there is only one kind of hair color, one kind of eye color, and one kind of skin color and that is just not life like. It could be seen as the opposite of life like. It is unrealistic. Giving your child a Barbie doll is nothing more than giving them someth...

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...e diversity in the real world you can see the improvement in the company. In the 1959 advertisement they claimed that the doll was shapely but there was only one body type; that they were flesh toned but with only once tone of flesh; and that they were for all little girls when they could only truly reach one type of girl. The improvements that Barbie needed did not come until 50 years later but the in 2016 they finally made the Barbie true to real women with the body types, flesh tones, and they can truly be a good match for girls who need a role model. Maybe this company will finally successfully integrate these new styles of Barbie dolls with the more iconic image of Barbie showing the importance of diversity. Helping young girls understand that they can live the dream of Barbie because the new and improved babies are livening that dream given their diversities.

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