Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed Essay

Barbara Ehrenreich 's Nickel And Dimed Essay

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Barbara Ehrenreich takes a look into the daily struggles of the living poor in her book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. As income inequality gets more severe every decade, change must take place in American society. People working two full time jobs still living in poverty, light will be shed on the 1% by the 99%,
In the book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich, Ehrenreich leaves a comfortable life to go undercover to investigate how the working poor survive on such low wages, she looks into income inequality The income disparity between the rich and the poor and even the rich and the middle class has grown significantly over the last century. Every decade, the gap has been increasing with the top one percent earning more and more and the lower ninety percent earning less and less. The middle class is shrinking to opposite ends, and most are going to the poorer end of the line. Ehrenreich’s book was one of the most influential books when it was released which helped shed light on the income inequality as well as many other problems face by people in the United States. There has been multiple movements and controversies about income inequality for many years now and although more knowledge has been brought to the public eye, then 1% are getting richer as income inequality becomes worse and worse every decade.
The Occupy Wall Street Movement was a long term protest starting in 2011 that took place all around the world. Starting in New York, it gained international attention about the income inequality and brought the spotlight onto the 1%, protestors stood, picketed and camped out in front of the Wall Street financial district. The movements slogan was “We are the 99%”. The goal o...

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...are forced to work low skill level jobs. They may even have to drop out of high school to pursue a job for financial security.
“Political power, too, is concentrated within the top 20 percent, since its members are far more likely than the poor or even middle class to discern the all-too-tiny distinctions between candidates that can make it seem worthwhile to contribute, participate, and vote.”(P.215) Ehrenreich is saying here that
If income inequality continues to skyrocket as it has in the last number of decades, economic growth will slow, unemployment levels will rise and the wealthy will continue to become richer while the poor become poorer. The wealthiest families and the biggest corporations already have too much power in politics, something must be done to even out the power and wealth among all the people instead of just a few taking it all for themselves.

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