Barbara Berlund 's Making San Francisco Americ Cultural Frontiers Of The Urban West

Barbara Berlund 's Making San Francisco Americ Cultural Frontiers Of The Urban West

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In Barbara Berlund’s Making San Francisco American: Cultural Frontiers in the Urban West, Berlund explains how San Francisco grew from a young settlement which grew rapidly thanks to in part of the California Gold Rush which took place in 1949. Of course with the growing of this small settlement came it’s conflicts and how it rised to where it stands present day. A primary factor which helped San Francisco flourish a ton was the influence from those who had power and chose what would happen throughout the city, for example the Big 4. Those who were wealthy did not make this city what it is today without the help of people who made up the middle class as well. Every establishment within this city set the social order as to how the inhabitants of San Francisco would go about their life in society.
Depending on where white of middle and upper class treated the other races within this spectrum of diversity one could predict how difficult one’s life would be during this time in age. Though another would factor would come into effect, which is in which establishment they would be working within. Not just race alone, but then gender comes into effect as to how one would do in the society of the late 1800s. It dictated as to how limited one would be even with in the white race of people women were very limited as to what say they had in many matters, such as politics and unequal pay to that of a male.
Berglund has her fair share of points of each of these topics when it comes to how San Francisco made it to where it is present day. First, gender played a huge role when San Francisco was first starting out as a small settlement because females were very limited as to what power they could have. Females and males were not considered eq...

... middle of paper ...

...n which died with him. The life of the Chinese and what struggles they faced within their cluster households and opium dens seemed appropriate. Shed insight as to how the Chinese came about to living in San Francisco, what they did for entertainment, and how they were racially mistreated by the whites.
In conclusion, San Francisco was built up to the city it is today by going through all of these different aspects. Gender inequality let men work while women were just housekeepers. The racial ladder led the Chinese to be the bottom of the barrel leading to some hardships for their life in the Americas. Social classes were very corrupt and the system which is got implemented and could get away with murder if the person who is defending them is getting paid well or just excels in his profession. This is how a tiny settlement grew and became the urban area it is today.

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