Barack Obama's Energy Policies

Barack Obama's Energy Policies

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I. Energy is what makes many of the things we use present today function properly. There is a variety of ways energy can be identified such as in transportation, residential and many more. Cars and other ways to get from one place to another require gas or at least most vehicles do. Gas wasn’t as expensive as it was early 2009. This was because the economy collapsed early 2009. Energy is a very important factor in everyone’s lives, because without it we may not have any means of transportation.

II. President Barack Obama’s main goal towards energy and its general use is to introduce a plan he had set to have a better environment. Obama has many goals set to reach. One of his goals towards energy is to reduce all of the carbon emissions. By the year 2050 80% of the carbon emissions should be greatly reduced. Carbon emissions or mostly known as carbon dioxide affects our environment because is negatively interferes with the quality of pure air and there would also be an increase in the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases greatly affect the environment because it changes things such as weather or climate. Not only that but many things such as global temperatures, a decreasing amount of ecosystems, and can cause dangerous health problems for the people. These are many negative things president Obama would like to change into a better environment. President Obama is in the process of introducing new ideas such as a market-based trade system to limit the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. He would also like to encourage renewable use of energy.

III. Back in the year 1975, there was an act passed and the act was the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. This act basically dealt with the use of energy. It was designed to reduce supply of foreign oil. It also helped conserve energy. This act consisted of many statements. One such as, for the president to subject congressional review to initiate rationing and to reduce the amount of energy use by bringing out conservation plans so that people can fulfill and or make conservation happen within the United States environment.

IV. Both the Energy Policy and Conservation Act and the goal of the energy policy have to do with the same idea. They are both discussing and have statements that are about the conservation of energy and how to make an environment a better place.

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The Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 has many statements that could lead to a better atmosphere. It suggests many things as to spread the idea of conservation. As well as the energy policy president Obama is trying to bring out to our environment present today. They both greatly relate. They are mainly trying to conserve energy and to make this happen there would have to be a reduce on the amount of carbon emissions or in other words carbon dioxide released in our atmosphere. President Obama’s goals can happen if his plan of conservation becomes a success. As he had said “by the year 2050, carbon emissions should be reduced greatly.”

V. Energy is something all human beings use present today and have been using in the past and will for sure be used in the future as well. Energy is a main source however it can also have some negative things aside from being a very important factor to our lives. Energy also deals with carbon emissions that can harm our environment. Many negative things such as danger to ones health and drastic climate changes come from carbon emissions. President Obama is planning on making our environment a better place by reducing them slowly but surely.

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