Barack Obama The Senator Of Illinois Essay

Barack Obama The Senator Of Illinois Essay

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“Valerie I need to see you in my office.” Those were the words my boss spoke to me in 2007. She went on to state that Barack Obama the senator of Illinois would be running for president. “Valerie I need you to conduct this interview with him tonight for me”. I stood there dumbfounded because this position was new to me, and I had never conducted an interview before.
After returning to my desk I started googling all the information I could find on this potential candidate for president. Barack was a senator from Illinois who served only one term in the senate seat. He was married and had two kids and a dog.
It was Friday evening I was preparing for the interview that evening with Barack to make sure I asked all the questions that the people would want to know about the candidate for president. As I made my way to the venue where the press conference was to take place, I was approached by an army of secret service members who had him heavily guarded. As I tried to make my way to Mr. Obama there was a crowd of onlookers shaking hands and taking picturing with him. When I finally made m...

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