The Bar Was Sleazy Essay

The Bar Was Sleazy Essay

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The bar was sleazy. The girl disappeared in a mass of bodies moments after I walked in the door. For a moment, I saw her blonde hair bobbing up and down, but then it was lost in a fog of smoke. People were crammed in from door to door. There was no bouncer at the door letting people in or denying them entry, so people were just shouldering in wherever they could.
Lots of grinding dancing: asses on crotches and cigarettes dangling out of mouths of guys with big, long black mustaches and girls with big black eye lashes that oscillated to the beat of the kick drum. The early days of disco and everyone man wanted to be John Travolta and every woman thought they were Donna Summer.
The colors were bright and primary. They clashed. Neon signs flashed through out the interior and a DJ called out songs over the microphone, just to get the people excited.
“We 're gonna slow things down a bit with some Tony Orlando and Dawn!”
Then, the mass of bodies partnered up to slow dance. Even then, they grinded against each other with sexual distraction. Those who weren 't dancing slammed against the bar and tried to catch the eye of a quick moving Italian guy with the Stallone sneer and the wife beater with muscles. Sweaty. The whole place was one big arm pit.
“Gimme a fucking drink, come on Tony, eh? Eh?”
So that was Tony. Naturally. Tony held a cigar between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and mixed drinks with his right. Always, he took a sip of the drink before handing it out. The girls went wild and the men shouted insults.
“Don 't drink my fucking shit Tony, what 's wrong with you, eh?”
“Taste testing, that 's all.”
There was no sight of the girl because there were hundreds of blonde heads bobbing up and down to the music. L...

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...t only does it save me money, it keeps me in shape and it inspires fear. A win-win-win, as I like to put it. You want a cigar kid?”
I shake my head.
“How about a cigarette?”
“I don 't smoke.”
“A shame. Real men smoke. Get into the habit, kid. But thing is, like I said, I wanted to hurt you but I won 't. But I could. You got more muscles than me outwardly, but I got experience on you. I 've actually really hurt guys. Real bad. Guys that pull a blade on me and blam! Their arm 's broken, I got the knife and I 'm wrist deep in their guts. You know what I 'm saying?”
“I do.”
Another laugh.
“Good, because I don 't. I guess I 'm just saying you 're lucky. And also, that you need to get the fuck out of here before my goodwill turns back into anger. Because I 'll hurt you. I 'll hurt you real good. Take the girl. She 's yours. And don 't come back. Capeche?”
I got it.

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