Baptist Health Medical Staff: A Look at Its Administration and Hiring Practices

Baptist Health Medical Staff: A Look at Its Administration and Hiring Practices

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Baptist Health is a non-profit health system located in Northeast Florida which is comprised of five Magnet accredited hospitals, home health agencies, behavioral health practices, pharmacies, and numerous primary care and specialty physician practices. As one of the largest healthcare providers in the region, physicians have the opportunity to practice in state of the art facilities, as well as, become affiliated with a community based hospital. As of February 2014, Baptist Health has more than 1400 physicians practicing in more than 70 specialties and close to 300 allied health professionals. According an Annual National Research Corporation study of Jacksonville area residents, “Baptist Health ranks highest in the categories of Best Doctors, Best Nurses, Best Quality and Best Reputation” (Baptist Health, 2014).
In order to support a health system’s Medical Staff and allied health professionals, most institutions have a Medical Staff Services Department or a Medical Staff Office (MSO). Although comprised of various professionals, this department is ran under the leadership of a Director of Medical Staff Services with support from credentialing specialists, medical staff coordinators, institutional review board coordinator, continuing medical education coordinator, etc. (see Appendix A for more information on Baptist Health’s MSO’s organizational chart). These individuals provide administrative support to the Baptist Health Medical Staff and provide an avenue for communication of medical staff related matters. Responsibilities of a Medical Staff Office include but are not limited to credentialing, reappointments, peer review, continuing medical education, facilitation of committees, and maintain governing documents in...

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...process begins.
While this information provides an overview of the credentialing process, there were topics that were not mentioned due to confidentiality issues (see Appendix B for more information on the Medical Staff Office’s credentialing workflow chart).

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