Banning Violent Video Games On Children Essay

Banning Violent Video Games On Children Essay

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Banning Violent Video Games
A child is killing police officers. A teenager is hiring prostitutes to potentially kill them. He is using weapons such as guns, chainsaws, and knives to kill and commit horrible crimes. Thousands of children and teens participate in these actions daily. How? Violent video games such as Doom, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto are just a few of the games that are full of these awful actions. An article in the Harvard Mental Health Letter states, “The Pew Research Center reported in 2008 that 97% of youths ages 12 to 17 played some type of video game, and that two-thirds of them played action and adventure games that tend to contain violent content.” Another investigation showed that over half of the games the ESRB rates contain violence, and over 90% of those games are evaluated acceptable for people over the age of 10 (“Violent...Young People” 1). These violent video games contribute to aggressive behavior, bullying, and recently spotlighted school shootings. Many believe these games should be banned for children and teens. Critics say that these games give adolescents a way to vent out their anger and frustrations in a safe environment and that there is research to prove violent video games have no effect on normal children. Because they are harmful, video games that promote violence should be banned in regards to children and youth.
The first and most important reason video games should be banned for children is the games increase aggressive behavior. Children who play the violent video games are seeing and participating in the things such as crime, physical abuse, and even murder. While playing these games on a regular basis, children begin to think that it 's okay to solve proble...

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...may play them.
When it comes to protecting the lives of children and teens today, violent video games need to be banned. They contribute to youth violence such as aggression, bullying, and school shootings. Critics may argue that these games allow for youth to vent out anger, or that only the already oppressed children are harmed by these games. However, there is no proof that playing these games does not negatively affect adolescents in some way. Even though there are different sides on the issue of violent video games, both agree that there are things parents can do to restrict the playing of these games to decrease the amount of negative outcomes (“Violent…Young People” 1). It is our responsibility to ensure the safety and security of our children and youth by doing whatever it takes to get rid of these horrible games that promote violence in their lives.

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