Banning Social Media On Schools Essay

Banning Social Media On Schools Essay

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Banning Social Media in Schools
Social media has an increasing presence in the everyday lives of children and teenagers. “Social media is a term that generally refers to a set of online tools and practices with which people share personal information, ideas, and opinions for the purpose of social interaction.” (Falk, 2016) Some examples of social media include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. While some schools have begun to integrate social media into teaching plans, most schools have blocked social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, on their wireless networks. “Social media has entered all sectors of our society and the field of education is no exception.” (Lantz-Andersson, Vigmo & Bowen, 2015) According to a survey, “73% of teachers felt that social media to ‘some’ or ‘high’ degree affected the teaching and learning negatively.” (Lantz-Andersson, Vigmo & Bowen, 2015) Surveys and research conducted by Annika Andersson, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Zachary Feliciano and etc. express the urgency for schools to ban social media use. Improper use of social media sites in schools often leads to lower grades, increased cyberbullying and absence of social skills. Social media use at school can be negative for students and should be banned as to prevent distraction, cyberbullying and lack of social interaction.
Firstly, use of social media in schools can become a distraction to students and extensive use can result in increased procrastination. Social media use makes it difficult for the students to fully pay attention to the teacher during the lesson as their focus is divided between their device and the teacher speaking. This can lead to misunderstanding or missing information in the course content and eventually r...

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...on. Social media can often be improperly used and can become a distraction for students in class or while studying and doing homework. Additionally, use of social media in schools can lead to a significant increase of cyberbullying affecting students’ educational performance. Finally, lack of social skills can be a product of social media use as students lose the face-to-face interaction with their peers. Overall, students are affected negatively by social media use in school. Should schools ban the use of social media this would result in higher grades, decreased cyberbullying and increased face-to-face communication between students and between students and teachers. A possible solution would be for school boards to permit access to only certain applications and sites and have other social media site blocked either on the school network or in the school location.

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