The Banning Of Mexican American Studies Essay

The Banning Of Mexican American Studies Essay

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The Banning of Mexican-American Studies in Arizona:
The Loss of Freedom in Education
The Latino community has a very high high school drop out rate which has been linked to poverty. Tucson Arizona created a Mexican-American studies program in the 1990’s in order to change this. They wanted to, “help student achievement by making learning more relevant” (Suarez). Many people viewed this as a huge success, while others saw it as an Anti-American program. By banning this program, it inhibits the Latino students along with other students of different races from benefiting from learning about different cultures. Although supporters of banning this program have valid points such that it could cause students to be angry at the way their race was treated in the past and foster racial resentment, the students should have the right to be able to freely choose what they want to study in school, especially if it’s learning about the history of their own culture.
One reason that the banning of the Mexican-American studies program in Arizona is wrong is because it prevents schools from having a multicultural curriculum. According to Henry A. Giroux, a writer on multiculturalism, “ a curriculum for a multicultural and multiracial society provides the conditions for students to imagine beyond the given and to embrace their identities critically as a source of agency and possibility” (39). We live in a multiracial country, and for students to be able to learn about another countries history and culture other than America’s, it shows that as a country, we want to acknowledge other races culture and history. According to Charles A. Gallagher, “America is currently undergoing racial redistricting in which the boundaries of whiteness are expanding ...

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