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Banning Guns On Public Places Essay

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States that permit citizens to carry guns in public places are misguided. In 2016, the Georgia General Assembly followed in the footsteps of eight other states and passed a law permitting college students to carry guns on campus as long as it is out of view (Torres, 2016). Colleges and universities are places of higher learning and this measure gets in the way of this purpose. This law does not build an environment based on understanding and respect, which are factors that must be present in order for learning to occur, but instead creates an environment based distrust and hostility. Two years before this measure, Georgia passed another gun liberalization law that allows gun owners to carry their weapons in public places where it was previously prohibited, such as, churches, bars, school zones, and government buildings (Bluestein, 2014). Gun culture, as these particular bills exemplify and strengthen, makes society worst off.
Guns being abundant poses a serious risk to those who want to harm themselves. As reported by Emanuella Grinberg of, “suicides accounted for 61% of all firearm fatalities in the United States in 2014, or 21,384 of 33,599 gun deaths recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (Grinberg, 2016). If more effective gun control laws were in place, there would be a chance that a number of these people would have been saved from their own actions as well as been given the mental health care that they needed.
Gun deaths in the US, when compared to other parts of the world, are notably high, says Anders Kelto of Kelto writes that, when the amount of US gun deaths is compared to those found in countries in the six regions of the world, “in five out of [the] six regions, it would be r...

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...ther year. In addition to passing laws and protecting innocents from gun violence, the federal government needs to clamper down on the gun black market, which is a major source for gun related deaths. For this all to work, change has to happen from the bottom up; letting local communities set the expectations for gun ownership is the most diplomatic way of handling this issue. If the federal or state government imposes a stringent, one size fits all approach to gun ownership, it will only exacerbate gun violence. The American people are individualistic and less collectivist than countries with expansive gun control laws. They would not take kindly with being told what to do by government officials that they feel are meddling in their lives, however, they will do what they think is right for their community and to maintain their social standing within that community.

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