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Banning Cigarette Smoking Essay

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“We can no longer tolerate losing one more innocent child or putting one more firefighter at risk in a fire that could have been prevented at the cost of pennies by making a couple simple changes to the construction of a cigarette ” (Ed Markey). There are many people and even children who are victims that suffer from diseases and die from them. A cigarette can cause a lot of damage which causes the nation to pay a tremendous amount of money to repair all the destruction. All this can be prevented if cigarette smoking is banned. A lot of people don’t realize how harmful cigarette smoking is to all the American citizens. Cigarette smoking should be banned due to the reason it reduces health risk diseases, decrease death rates and lowers healthcare insurance costs.
Cigarette smoking should be banned because it reduces health risk diseases among people. Many people have inhale harmful, toxic smoke from cigarettes which causes them to get dangerous illnesses. These diseases affect the environment because many victims are exposed to this which is extremely menacing to the public and put ourselves in danger. Many diseases are caused from cigarette smoking which consists of cancer, heart and, lung diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic airway obstruction. Not only does cigarette smoking cause diseases among people but secondhand smoke also affects humans by causing them asthma attacks, infant death syndrome, both respiratory and ear infections (“Tobacco Use”). Many people get affected from cigarette smoking both the smoker and nonsmoker. By banning cigarette smoking it decreases diseases among people that affect them and it will create a better environment too. If something harms everyone it should be banned completely to hel...

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