Essay about Banner Medical Group: Assessment, Analysis and Recommendations

Essay about Banner Medical Group: Assessment, Analysis and Recommendations

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Banner Medical Group (BMG) was created in 2009 and is a large multi-specialty physician health clinic, owned and operated by Banner Health, an integrated delivery healthcare system. BMG employs over 1,000 physicians in more than 40 specialties and sub-specialties and approximately 3,000 employees. The system is led by a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Human Resource Officer. Clinics are located in 3 regions: Arizona East, Arizona West and Western Region (including clinics in Alaska, California, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska). Each region is led by a Vice President of Operations and Regional Chief Medical Officer in a diad leadership model and is supported by a Regional Chief Finance Officer and Regional Chief Human Resource Officer. Within the region the physicians are divided into primary care and specialty clinics that are each led by a Practice Administrator, with individual Practice Managers managing the daily operations of up to 4 clinics. I chose this organization because I have worked for Banner Health for 10 years and have been very interested in the evolution of the medical group. I have been with the medical group since its inception and want to better understand where it is and how to help guide it in the future.
The stated mission of BMG is “We exist to make a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care”. (Banner Health, 2002) This vision is supported by a vision and value statement that more clearly define the mission. Organizational structure, as defined by Jones (2010), is “the formal system of task and authority relations that control how people coordinate their actions and use resources to achieve organizational g...

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...ome in the form of video communications, newsletters or emails but must be consistent. There would then be a standardized training on behaviors and skills necessary for the organization to reach its goals and monitory of those skills could be done on a metric oriented annual evaluation.

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