Banned Substances Should Not Be Used As A Method For Gaining Muscle Mass

Banned Substances Should Not Be Used As A Method For Gaining Muscle Mass

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Banned ergogenic substances should not be used as a method for gaining muscle mass. Even though these substances are convenient as you can grow muscle mass in a short amount of time, you can find them just about anywhere in all forms such as protein powders, muscle enhancers, energy drinks, and testosterone boosters. They can increase fat oxidation or fat burning during training sessions and can improve blood flow to the muscles, resulting in improved nutrient delivery and better performance. However the dangers are much greater as they are not regulated by the FDA. Some supplements contain soy which is a libido killer and can cause pecks to engorge with fatty tissue. Some contain androstenedione known to cause heart and liver failure. They can lower good cholesterol and recent studies associate taking muscle building supplements with an increased risk of testicular cancer.
The healthiest way to gain muscle mass is by doing it naturally. This method will take a lot longer to gain muscle than taking banned substances. You can’t expect to get bulky unless you try very hard and commit to meeting optimal conditions such as eating the right amount and right kinds of food, training for muscle growth and proper sleep. This is proven the healthiest and safest method and it will be beneficial for the bones, it will improve blood-sugar control, improve sleep and mental health.
High protein diets are used to achieve quick weight loss because of the high fat content in which can be used for energy. High fat foods get you full faster and therefore you eat less calories. Plant based proteins lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol levels. Vegetable protein enhances calcium retention in the body, reducing risk of osteoporosis and kidne...

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...your muscles and to reduce the risk of injury. Creatine is commonly used by athletes to increase muscle strength and mass. Creatine has not been found to have negative effects on blood pressure or kidney function among healthy people but you should still consult with your doctor before using it. Anabolic steroids are also used to create muscle mass and strength but their use is prohibited by governing agencies. Abusing them can lead to severe health consequences such as liver and kidney tumors, liver cancer, high blood pressure, trembling, and increases in LDL cholesterol. Growth hormones are sometimes used instead of anabolic steroids to build muscles. They are less likely to be detected during testing.
I believe the best way to gain muscle mass is to continue eating a well-balanced diet and regular strength training exercise without the use of any ergogenic aids.

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