Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art Essay

Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art Essay

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In the article “Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art” from The New Yorker published in 2007, author Lauren Collins informs individuals of the secretive controversies of Banksy’s artwork. Collins introduces Banksy’s street art and presents his anonymity. She also informs the audience of Banksy’s overall attitude and the typical materials used for his street artwork. Banksy is explained to be a controversial street artist who hides in the shadows in order to avoid the consequences of fame. In order to support the mysterious aspects of Banksy and his street art, Author Lauren Collins uses examples of his artwork and different locations where his street art has been seen. She also has quotations from Banksy included about his intent to remain anonymous.
The rhetorical situation is a fundamental concept that addresses audience, purpose, author, constraints, and exigence. These different aspects help to support credibility, support and build arguments, and explain or provide evidence. Lauren Collins wrote “Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art” in 2007 when Banksy was becoming more of a well-known individual. Collins attempts to convey the mystery of Banksy, the controversy of street art, and the understanding of art to a general audience. She uses rhetorical devices in order to effectively present the controversies of Banksy and the controversies of street art. Within the book The Blugold Guide, edited by Shevaun E. Watson, Carmen Manning, and Micheal Faris, rhetorical analysis is described to be a way to understand how an act of communicating influence certain people at specific times and that the tools of rhetorical analysis help to understand how meaning is made by human creations. In “Banksy Was Here: ...

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...ymity of street art.
In Lauren Collins article, “Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art” a general audience is informed of the anonymity and controversy of both street art and of the specific street artist Banksy. The article discusses multiple examples of street art and shows the different viewpoints that those street artworks provoke. Lauren Collins successfully provides information of Banksy and his street artwork along with support of various viewpoints from credible individuals. She effectively uses the rhetorical devices of ethos, identification, and visual rhetoric to hold the attention of the audience, the trust of the audience, and to provide the mysterious background of Banksy and his street art.

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Collins, Lauren. "Banksy Was Here: The Invisible Man of Graffiti Art." The New Yorker. 14 May 2007. Web. 30 Sept. 2013.

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