Bangladesh Apparel Factory Collapse Essay

Bangladesh Apparel Factory Collapse Essay

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Health and Safety
More businesses rely heavily on outsourcing; therefore, American Companies should have some accountability for the health and safety to employees who manufacture their garments. For example, based on research, “international companies doing business in nations like Bangladesh and Pakistan have a moral responsibility to improve the working conditions and safety of the people who manufacture their clothing and other products” (Smith, 2013).
Actions and Responsibility
Thus, several actions the American businesses can propose, such as implementing and complying with worker rights, labor laws, and code of conduct as a prerequisite for future purchases. In addition, the United States companies should give funds to help with new reconstruction buildings. Furthermore, the American traders should stop all trade agreements in Bangladesh until validation of health and safety concerns and labor rights laws. Actually, one author points out that, “several United States Companies agreed to offer $42 million for the plan and an extra $100 million in loans to help factory owners in return for a promise of factories safety, labor unions, and include Worker Rights Consortium, Clean Clothes Campaign and International Labor rights Forum” (Kapner and Mauldin, 2013).
Items and Labels
Buyers are more aware of brands labels to make sure the apparel meet their desires. After thoroughly inspecting my wardrobe and shoes, three percent of my items are American-made. Manufacturers make products to meet consumers’ needs, and my buying decisions are actually determined by selecting great quality clothes at a reasonable price. The overseas workers who create different brand name attires are not my responsibility because after the exchange of g...

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