Bangkok's Effot to Build a Positive Image of the Nation's Culture Essay

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In Bangkok, there have been a number of well managed cultural activities to preserve particularly a forever focus on the historic and religious heritage, for example, make a merit with nine temple tour of Bangkok or one day trip in Grand Palace and the temple of Emerald Buddha. Those are presented and treated as treasures of the nation’s artistic and cultural richness of the country and the people since 1965, a first year of emergence of TAT’s oversea office to promote Thailand through western eyes. It seems be a traditional uniqueness of Bangkok whereas it freezes experience of cultural tourism which one of obstacles to compete in a midst of dynamic modern world.
The Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Bangkok’s effort to build a positive image of nation’s culture will value a role of contemporary visual art regarded as a cultural tourism and the significant contribution to economic and social benefit. The identification is to undertake a strategic plan on tourism for create a new awareness of Bangkok after the political turmoil and future direction and development over the next 3 years in co-operation with Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Foreign Affair and Office of Contemporary Art And Culture, Ministry Of Culture and public and private art related sectors.
Initially, Bangkok Art Council should be set up in order to not only work closer with The Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Bangkok to encourage art related stakeholder synergy and to provide input to the first and following Agenda for new awareness of Bangkok.
The vision of Bangkok is to be perceived as a contemporary visual art destination and to be placed on the world art map and the objectives established through industry and...

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