Essay on Bang, By Sharon Flake

Essay on Bang, By Sharon Flake

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I’ve completed the novel, BANG, by Sharon Flake. In my story the protagonist name is Mann, he grew up in a ruthless environment. Mann had a little brother that died and it drove their father crazy and he was determined that he would not lose another son. He threw Mann into the world to see if he could become a man. Mann, the protagonist of BANG by Sharon Flake and I are alike in many ways. We share some of the same views of the world, are viewed by the world in similar ways and I would respond in a comparable way to the central conflict of the novel. Therefore, I believe given the chance, we could be friends.
Mann feel like it’s him against the world and his time is coming soon. He is convinced in this world he do not need anybody and everyone are leeches and he will get shot sooner or later. He witnessed people dying young in his city and the kids were his age or near it. He has became emotionally detached because of things he have been through and he is tired of losing his loved ones. When Mann lost his little brother he decided to not care about losing anyone else, including friends.
I feel like in this world everyone is using everyone and people’s intentions are never good. People are here to just use you for what you are good for until your time is up. I am no longer afraid of losing people or leaving people I’m very numb because I’ve lost all that were very important to me. When I lost my little brother I didn’t care about losing anyone else, including friends.
Mann is just an addition to society. Everyone would just look at him like just another little black boy; no significance , just an addition. In the book on page 64 Mann’s father tells him in order to be a man he needs to know how to survive in the streets like on...

... middle of paper ...

...know how he would react either. If I had to take a guess on what I would do if a situation like this took play in my life, I would probably go to a family member’s house, get a job, pay rent, and save money. I will not go robbing people because I feel like that is backwards and it will only end me up in the big house.
Mann and I both lost our families and we both had to learn how to deal with going on with our lives after that. We both lost a little brother that looked up to us and bonds were tight. The ways that we handled it were not identical, but similar. We both were strong and made it the way we could best and we are both doing pretty good, he reunited with his family and now I have a form of communion with my younger brother. We both lived in the same sort of environment with almost the same kind of people surrounded us. We have similarities and differences.

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