Banana Peel Lead Adsorption and the Removal of Heavy Metals Essay

Banana Peel Lead Adsorption and the Removal of Heavy Metals Essay

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4.2 Discussion
4.2.1 Effects of Initial dosage on Lead Adsorption
This experiments were carried out to investigate the potential of banana peel as adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal. For this experiment, the bisorbent is untreated and less remove of heavy metal than treated biosorbent.
As can be seen from the result, at mass of 0.4g, the percent of removal was 37.38% and it gradually increase to 49.30% at 2.4g.From the result, it can be seen that the high dosage of absorbent, it more good removal absorbent to the lead. The effect of dosage show that when higher amount of banana peel are used, percentage of removal(lead) will increase.
But, the dosage of adsorbent on 0.8g and 2.8g, its have the negative on the conentration of lead. Its because the solution has contiminated. Besides that, the solution also was stirred maximully and not regularly. This results doesn’t counted in the graph and maybe should redo the experiment with carefully.
Results showed that the adsorption efficiency is highly dependent on quanttity of adsorbent added. This was expectedas with increasing conc...

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