The Banana Is A Symbol Of The United States Shaped By Mass Consumerism And Democratic Ideals

The Banana Is A Symbol Of The United States Shaped By Mass Consumerism And Democratic Ideals

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I believe that Soluri chose bananas because they are so widely known throughout our culture. Who has not seen a banana? Most people have played that game with their bananas of trying to figure out how long before they go black. Usually, it is a game of wait three days for them to turn from green to yellow; on the fourth day, have a banana for breakfast when they have finally reached to the point of golden goodness, only to come home from work on the fourth day to find the remaining bananas covered in black spots. I digress. Bananas have stood as symbols for many societal views. For the US, the banana has stood for their cultural and societal dominance over Honduras and other countries that supply the banana for consumption (3). For the Europeans however, the banana was a symbol of the "Crass popular culture of the United States shaped by both mass consumerism and democratic ideals" (58). I tend to agree with both of Soluri 's findings. The banana was a way for the US to get behind the tactics of banana farming, because they truly believed that the people were beneath them, Soluri go...

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