Ban Trophy Hunting Should Be Illegal Essay

Ban Trophy Hunting Should Be Illegal Essay

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A social outrage has broken recently amid the scandal of Cecil the Lion’s death. Cecil was illegally hunted and killed by the American dentist Walter Palmer. Since then, it has caused the world to change their minds on the effects of trophy hunting. Succeeding the death of the renowned lion, a recent poll in America displays that on a three to one margin, the respondents said they would rather be tourists in a country that prohibits trophy hunting, instead of one that does not. The debate is ascending as more hunters proudly present their ‘trophy’ on social media. Many nature conservatives and animal protection agencies are raising awareness because of the fact that Cecil died in a meaningless and violent manner.The problem is not only in America, but around the globe. Trophy hunting should be illegal in the world because it is merely killing animals without a meaningful purpose, and it produces harmful effects to the environment.
One of the most imperative reasons to ban trophy hunting is because it creates an imbalance in which it can lead to what scientists refer as ¨evolution in reverse¨. Jeffrey Flocken from CNN claims that trophy hunting is part of the tendency referred as “survival of the weakest”. Scientists direct that hunted species, such as bighorn sheep, now have smaller horns than their ancestors from 30 years ago. As explained by David Coltman, an evolutionary reaction to trophy hunting of the bighorn sheep has also led to a reduction of its body weight. Another example of this would be the elephants of ‘today’ that tend to have smaller tusks than those of past generations (Howard).
Although evolution in reverse presents an alarming issue, trophy hunting can also cause an imbalance of ecosystem functioning. Flocke...

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... of Large Animal Trophies) is meant to ban trophy animals such as lions and alternative exposed species in the United States. Although this is a great start, it does not solve the main conflict, and it may only be a temporary solution. On the contrary, global laws should be developed that forbids the hunting of any species for a trophy and the prohibition of their importation.
Trophy hunting is a cruel method, for it establishes the harm of the environment by destructing ecosystems, and can lead to species on the brink of extinction.The solution is for it to be deemed illegal. To prevent conflicts about banning importation of trophies in different countries, one should ban trophy hunting altogether. Trophy hunting is not just a problem in the United States, it is a global matter. By working together, it is possible to preserve, instead of killing, innocent species.

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