Ban The Advertisement By Tobacco Companies Essay examples

Ban The Advertisement By Tobacco Companies Essay examples

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In February of 2001, the Government of India proposed legislation that would ban the advertisement by tobacco companies. This ban would include all types of media, the sponsoring of sporting events, and the sponsoring of cultural events. The Government proposing such a bill had the expected consequence of splitting law makers, experts, and the general population into three main camps; those who were for the bill, those against the bill, and those that really didn’t care. The Government of India felt that a ban on advertising activities would help reduce smoking, especially in minors, and give the Indian Government a means in which to start antismoking programs and propaganda (, 2010, Intro).
The people who really didn’t care went about their business and didn’t offer much to the discussion. The ayes and the nays however had a back and forth argument concerning the bill. Each side brought unique viewpoints, facts, and specialists to counter the arguments from the opposing side.
The ayes brought the argument that smoking tobacco was unhealthy and that the Government of India was ethically responsible to prevent their citizens from partaking in something so dangerous. It was argued, that banning advertisements was part of an international trend started by European developed countries and court cases in Belgium and France supported this notion (, 2010, Intro). The ayes also cited documents released during the 1990s concerning cigarette usage of the “smokers of tomorrow”, 14-25 year olds. The ayes also stressed the fact that while cigarettes brought in about 0.14 % of the G.D.P. the health costs associated with smoking accounted for 0.21% of G.D.P. Then, there is the argument that by reducing smoking the mon...

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... peers shall be formed at the time of the tax tabulation (taken from a national sample) to set forth rules and regulations concerning advertising specifics and in the event of a charge of violating the rules hereby laid out by the Government shall act as jurors.
• Sponsorship of sporting teams, events, cultural events shall be allowed as long as the events are not children specific.
In conclusion I think that the Indian Government was wrong to target cigarette manufactures and should have passed similar legalization for all nicotine containing products. While the nays have some strong points the only question I would ask would be if spending money on advertising geared towards children does not help you sell more products why are you against it. I would use children specific advertising laws so legal adults can still be informed of products on the market.

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