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Winter driving can be hazardous even on the nicest of days, ice, snow, and rain all combine to make the roads slick, unmanageable and dangerous at times. Studded tires are one of the devices used to provide an added measure of safety during the winter months; however, they have several drawbacks that outweigh the benefits gained by using them, therefore Oregon should ban the use of this device.
One drawback is the price to install studded tires on your vehicle, depending on the size your car requires, the price will vary. As an example, a car with 205/75R15 tires, the initial cost to purchase and install four studded tires is $454.96 (Craig). Oregon law only allows you to have these tires on your vehicle during specific times of the year, thus you incur an extra cost to have the tires mounted and removed, unless you are mechanically inclined or know someone who can help you.
In comparison, there are other more cost effective devices to help the motorists cope with these hazards while they commute from one location to another. One thing is to ensure your automobile has mud and snow tires installed, rated for year round use. Additionally, a driver should carry, in their trunk, tire chains. These new style, high tensile strength cables, are far superior to the chains of the distant past and their cost is about ten percent of the studded tires at $39.99 (Chuck's Auto). Yet, an overwhelming number of drivers choose the studded tire, more for convenience than any other reason. They are more costly than chains, not only in the initial purchase, but also in the repair of the road destruction they leave behind.
Surely, you have driven down a road or on the freeway and noticed the track grooves worn into the pavement, traction...

... middle of paper ...

...d to personal vehicles, are excessive. When you stop to compare the meager benefits to the overabundant drawback, it becomes clear why we need to ban studded tires in Oregon.

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