The Ban On Tobacco Advertising

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Introduction Tobacco advertising refers to promotion display of tobacco products in media such as; radio, television, print, billboards and at retail stores. The ban on tobacco advertising by the Indian Government has many effects on the people as well as their ethics and freedom of choice. This paper will provide a summary argument in favour of the ban as well as opposing the ban. And to conclude with my opinions on what the government should do with tobacco advertising. 1. Summarize the arguments in favour of the ban on tobacco advertising in India Smoking kills! According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco industry is the only industry that kills around 5 million of its customers every year, additionally 600,000 people dies due to exposure to second-hand smoke (WHO, 2016). This death toll is estimated to reach 8.4 million by 2020, and to 10 million by 2030. Developing countries are exposed to a much higher risks than those of developed countries. 60% of the world-wide 5.7 trillion cigarettes are consumed by low-to-mid income group in developing countries alone (Roy, 2004). There are approximately 1 billion smokers today. 500 million will be killed by tobacco, that’s one in every 2 smokers. Basically, every six seconds, a person died because of tobacco. Tobacco will reduce the life expectancy of a normal person by 15 years (WHO, n.d). Tobacco is the most dangerous consumer products ever known, it kills its users as the maker’s intended. The young ones are not spared. Evidence in England shows young people is encouraged to start smoking due to cigarette displays in shops with 5% of children at the aged of 11 – 15 are already regular smokers. More than 300,000 children below the age of 16 tried smoking for the first ... ... middle of paper ... ... revenue and employs approximately 26 million people in India which, caused the Indian government to be in a difficult position. 4. Give your opinion on what governments should do in regards to tobacco advertising You can deny the facts, but you can’t hide the truth. Smoking kills! With 5 million people killed by tobacco every year, this number will only continue to grow unless the government puts a stop to it and to prevent deaths. There are no benefits associated with smoking except for harms. As an elected government bodies to protect its citizens, the government should ban all tobacco advertising and to educate the consumers on potential health issues. To limit and restrict smoking places in public, increase sales tax to all tobacco products to dissuade consumers from smoking, cover all displays of cigarettes from view and removed all vending machines (if any).

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