Ban On Tobacco Advertising By The Government Of India

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The first thing I plan to do is summarize the arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising by the government of India. It is stated that this ban is already something that goes on in other countries. The article states in the section titled Ayes’, countries like france, finland, and norway had already imposed similar bans. And does the government not have a right to implement this ban$ The ban on cocaine globe wide is used as one of the leading examples in the article.not just is cocaine mentioned, but the Ayes’ speak of bans on ads for other dangerous products that remained in the market, such as firearms and many (pharmaceuticals. ) when speaking of ethics, a leading question that needs to be asked is, Is the product dangerous And who might be harmed?.The Ayes confront this conflict on many occasions. Tobacco consumption and smoking is one of the leading causes of death around the world. According to the )world health Organisation WHO.tobacco accounted for over / million deaths in 0112, the figure rising to 3.24/ million deaths in 0115. It was estimated that tobacco related deaths would rise to 5.3 million in 4242 and to 02 million in about 42/2. "Not only does it account for high death, but the advertising also attracts youth and young adults to smoke tobacco. And this means more hospital bills, health care costs, and health issues as a whole. Furthermore, although the tobacco industry accounts for the employment of 46 million people, it has been found that if such a ban did exist, the economies where such tobacco 'jobs dropped, the people still were able to maintain a good economy spending money elsewhere. And lastly, the article states that through a study done by the 7epartment of health in four countries, the ba... ... middle of paper ... ...le to distinguish products of differing qualities which in turn slows down the progression of Indian consumers up the scale from harmful consumption to more refined forms. " Now my view is Quite unique. I can understand both sides. due to the fact that such a ban could actually lead to greater tobacco consumption among youth, I could see this turning out terribly. ?Out, I would actually be in support of a ban I done in a constructive manner. !or example, I believe people should be educated on TV; about the harmful effects of tobacco as well as the positives -if any. And if there are health benefits, then advertise FOR the benefits, yet educate about the harmful effects to prevent people from going crazy. (People do need a choice, but where is the line drawn If we ban one product’s advertising on a harmful product, we need to ban it on all of the rest as well.

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