The Ban Of The Burkini Should Be Supported Or Opposed Essay

The Ban Of The Burkini Should Be Supported Or Opposed Essay

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Many people become leery of a person wearing a Burkini even if there is no immediate threat to them. It has become “normal” to be leery of these people. This essay will explore both sides on weather the ban of the Burkini should be supported or opposed. There are many different approaches to discussing a topic as controversial and delicate as this one. This particular topic is every relevant to the general public because it is a prevalent factor in our society. Many people go to the extreme to make their viewpoint heard. In many cases this can get out of hand. The population should be more aware of facts so they can make a more educated decision, and that is the purpose of this essay.
There is much supporting material on why the ban should not be put in place. For example, it is an infringement upon people’s basic rights to express themselves. There are many shocking things people can do on the beach daily, but when a new issue pops up people are all concerned (3). To me this conveys that some the American people are not around these situations often so thus they would become threatened by a difference in culture. The ban is taking away the rights for people to think for themselves.
The French law enforcement does not specially state the terminology Burkini in their statement to citizens, so it is unclear what they really what (5). This instance emits a sense that authority has not set specific regulation for the ban of the Burkini and thus should not be using forceful action to get a person to remove their Burkini in public. The population seems to fear the Burkini as a symbol as an act of extremism, and this is unfair because not all people that wear this piece of clothing is violent (2). It is hard to fathom that a head cove...

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...lives and how they view others. I feel that it is crazy that people think because someone is wearing something different than what the population is used to that they are a killer or that their weird. Every culture is unique in its own way. Every person has aspects of their ancestors they wish they could change. Changing the past is impossible but through working to change the way we view people we can come together to change the world. The Burkini ban and the reasoning behind it is not right. The ban is taking away people’s right to express and think for themselves. To ban a piece of clothing is taking it to the extreme. The ban is taking away peoples rights. People will move to countries where they are allowed to express themselves in the forms they want. Moving will take away money from the country. People will not want to travel to countries that

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