Essay on Ballet And Classical Chinese Dance

Essay on Ballet And Classical Chinese Dance

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When one thinks of different dance forms, one would tend to look at the beauty of it and how it makes people feel. But understanding the origin of some of the dances should help one to appreciate the importance the art form of dance has made in history. Through both of the dance forms there would be a discussion between the origins as well as the similarities and contrast of ballet and classical Chinese dance.
Ballet was first brought to light in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th Century, where the dancing masters would teach the steps to the nobility and the royal court would partake in performances. In the 16th century an Italian noblewoman by the name of Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France began to invest in ballet in the French court. The elaborate festivals that she created encouraged the growth of “ballet de cour,” a program that included dancing, music, and elaborate costumes. In the 17th century King Louis XIV helped make further expand ballet into a popular art form. Passionate about dancing, King Louis performed in many roles, such as the Sun King in the ballet de la nuit. During the early 19th century, early classical ballets such as Giselle were created during the Romantic Movement, influenced art, music, and ballet. It also was the same time period where dancing on the tips of the toes, known as pointe work, and the tutu, which consisted of a full skirt just right about the café of a woman’s leg originated from. During the late19th century the popularity of ballet immigrated to Russia. Many creative works such as Marius Petipa’s The Nutcracker and Swan Lake by Lev Ivanov and Petipa, presented classical ballet at its finest (Lihs 46). Also during this time the classic tutu had now transfo...

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... the world, while classical Chinese dance has been around for centuries it is less known .Despite the differences between these two beautiful dance forms both ballet and classical Chinese dance have the ability to tell vast stories and move people visually through beautiful art. I hope that with the information that is given we as students of the arts will appreciate the art of dance a little more and understand the importance that dance has on history in general.

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