Essay on Bali is My Island of Peace

Essay on Bali is My Island of Peace

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Bali. That is where I am. Often called Island of Gods, Island of Hinduism, Island of Love, and my personal favorite Island of Peace. This province of Indonesia is located in the Southern Hemisphere on the continent of Asia. The most enjoyable nature based tourism experience I could possibly fathom absolutely takes place here.
I close my eyes and see myself up before sunrise, sitting on a small carpet outside on the deck of my adorable yet peaceful villa rental. Transfixed by the sound of ocean waves breaking at the shore, legs crisscrossed, a cup of tea clutched between my hands barely gracing my lips, and tired eyes opened just enough to get a glimpse of the sun collide into the side one of the islands infamous Hindu temples. Taking in everything happening all at once and breathing in the lush island air with a hit of incense and sea salt.
Being located near the ocean is essential for this trip. The ocean is my serenity, my peace. Regardless of what is happening in my life or in the world, it is a place I can go to or even just admire from afar and forget all if my troubles. The ocean is a resource so untouchable by humanity and that is how it makes me feel, untouchable. There is nothing that humans can do to really change the ocean. We cannot stop the waves from breaking, we cannot change the temperature to make it more comfortable for a swim, and we certainly cannot change it from making a sunrise or sunset even more beautiful than it already is. By being near the ocean, I will constantly be reminded of these factors and maybe even find ways to reflect all of its amazing characteristics into my own everyday life and outlook. It keeps me grounded and prompts me to stay unaffected and untouched by negative energies. ...

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...y non-intimate friendships, or just I alone. (6) The social conditions of the resource setting need to allow my friends and I to be together when we desire company and apart when we require solitude. A lot of this experience will require solitude. (9) Facilities are not all that important to me however if I were to list a few things would say that I’d like my villa to be eco friendly, use recycled ground water, and have an outdoor shower. It would also have a regular indoor toilet just for convenience purposes. Finally (10) managerial controls, I do not care for these at all to be honest. I consider myself a traveler not a tourist so I do not see my self doing the regular tourist things and even needing anything when it comes to managerial controls. I like to do and find out about everything either by myself or through friends I've made during my journey.

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