Balanced Upbringing For The Kids Essay

Balanced Upbringing For The Kids Essay

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balanced upbringing for the kids, one in which they can grow and explore safely. Neither of them is excessively overprotective compared to the other but, each parent does have certain things they worry about more. John explained that he worries more about the big dangers, like the kids falling in their pool by accident or otherwise getting seriously hurt. On the other hand, Shau Shau tends to worry more over the everyday concerns, such as the kids getting enough fiber in their diet or brushing their teeth properly. This divergence doesn’t really represent a difference in attitudes but more a complementarity. Both of them share a similar attitude about protecting and providing for their children but, they each have a natural inclination to attend to different aspects of that complex process. This diversity of perspectives and roles helps to ensure that the children are cared for in ways both big and small.
Another area of complementarity involves John and Shau Shau’s differing cultural backgrounds. John grew up in a beach town where the environment is casual, relaxed, and not overly concerned with achievement. Shau Shau had a very different upbringing based more on traditional Chinese values emphasizing discipline and success. Although this may sound like a recipe for conflict or disagreement, both John and Shau Shau agree that it actually strengthens their relationship and keeps it interesting. Shau Shau helps encourage John to strive and grow while John helps Shau Shau keep things in perspective and relax. Additionally, being from different places has opened up new worlds for the couple to explore together. John has made several trips to Taiwan with his wife, something which he considered a bonding experience. Shau...

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...n and Shau Shau demonstrate, the hard work can create a wonderful relationship. For this couple, their strong relationship is based on similarity in many areas, good communication and conflict resolution, and, of course, genuine love and friendship with each other. Through this interview, the only real weakness I identified was the high level of stress in their lives created by demanding jobs and young children. But, making each other a priority and keeping the fun and romance alive seems to allow them to avoid getting burnt out and taking it out on each other. The most important thing I have learned through this process of interviewing them is how important partner similarity is to having a fun, enjoyable and relatively conflict-free relationship. I hope that as I move forward in my life, I can continue to watch this couple grow and learn from their strength.

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