Essay on Balanced Literacy Is Important For Reading

Essay on Balanced Literacy Is Important For Reading

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So Hyung Park
Dr. Zisselsberger
RE 219.01s
6 October 2015
Balanced Literacy
Literacy simply means reading, writing, speaking, and listening. There are some purposes of literacy: learn, gain knowledge, communicate, form own opinion, understanding surroundings, experience, and pleasure etc. Balanced literacy seems complicated, but if you break down into each section, it is easier to define it.
Before I took this class, I thought balanced literacy is just to learn reading and writing evenly. As “balance” means equal and even, I thought it is learning equally not focusing on one thing too much. My definition of balanced literacy has been changed and added few things. My current definition of balanced literacy is to have equal amount of reading and writing. It is also a mixture of all components to comprehend and transmit ideas. According to Temple et. Al, there are components for reading. “Reading is the act of getting meaning from a written text.” (Temple & Ogle & Crawford & Freppon, 2005, p.7) There are steps to learn to read; first step is “word recognition.” This activity is that readers recognize letters and words. Next step is “phonemes” which is the smallest sounds in language. Readers who in “phonemic awareness” are able to know how to make sounds with letters. In “comprehension” step, readers are able to understand what they are reading. They can improve reading ability by expanding knowledge of vocabulary. If they can understand words faster than previous time and accurately, they are on “reading fluency” step. The last step, which is “interpretation” or also known as “critical reading”, is a time when they are able to understand author’s thought and mind by reading their words and arguments. National Reading Panel categ...

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...teachers have to lead and guide them. Teachers have to encourage every student, but especially for those students who get left behind because they might lose self-confidence and interest of learning. It is a teacher’s role to make their students to gain self-confidence.
Students can improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening by learning balanced literacy from their students. Since the students learn from teachers, they have to behave and teach them well.

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