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The Bahamas Chain Island Essays

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The Bahamas is a chain of about 700 islands and nearly 2,500 cays in its entirety. It is a country full of many exciting attractions and unique people. This nation provides a wonderful experience to everyone who lives there and those who visit. That’s why people have settled here since at least 600 A.D. It’s rich culture and heritage are like no other in the world.
The Bahamas are 100,000 square miles across the western Atlantic. Only about 30 of the 700 islands are uninhabited. New Providence Island is home to a large part of the nation’s population and capital, Nassau. Most islands in the country are flat with low rocky ridges. Standing only 206 ft. above sea level is the nation’s highest point, Mount Alvernia. The islands are surrounded by clear, shallow water and coral reefs. Many exotic animals live here like parrots, flamingos ,and iguanas. June to September are the hottest months. The average daily high temperature is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. January and February are the coldest months but the average low is only about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer is the rainy season and most islands have the same climate. The northern islands sometimes get more rain because of the cold fronts from the U.S.
Between the years of 600 A.D. and 800 A.D., the Lucayans, or the “island people”, were the first to settled here. These actually were some of the people Columbus came upon on his voyage in 1492. Unfortunately by 1515, Spanish slave raids, and diseases such as measles and influenza had completely destroyed the population of the Lucayans. Until 1647, the islands stayed uninhabited, that is until English religious dissidents from Bermuda settled on Eleuthera or Harbour Island. The British made the Bahamas their colony. Nassau became a hub fo...

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.... It is also taken very seriously . Students must go to school until they are 16 years of age. Some churches run private schools that give scholarships to children that are underprivileged. Many Bahamians strive to get a college degree because it most of the time leads to a well-paying job.
The country has two major hospitals that have state of the art equipment. A lack of medicine have led to the Bahamas having one of the region’s highest rates of AIDS per capita .High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes result from the Bahamian diet.
As you can see the Bahamas are an exciting place. The people and the setting give you a unique visiting experience. From the food to the music, it truly is a great place .With the friendly citizens and tourist attractions, waiting to visit here would be a mistake. Get to the Bahamas as soon as possible and jump into the fun .

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