Baha ' I Faith On Western Culture Essay

Baha ' I Faith On Western Culture Essay

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Baha’i Faith on Western Culture
There is a closer connection between Islam and Baha’i faith as compared to any other religion. This is because the Baha’i faith grew out of Islam religion. Consequently, there are many basic beliefs in Baha’i faith that resemble and are identical to Islam’s. There are a number of ways that the relations can be explained. The humanity, the world, the nature of God and prophets commonly referred to as metaphysics are basically the same. The five pillars are both conserved in a very social form. Most change is shown through the social teachings. In a statement released by Abdu’l-Baha, he demonstrated this preservation in a classic manner. The spiritual teachings of any religion are unchanging and eternal. There is need to tailor the social dimension to cater for the new needs with age.
Baha’i religion has had a positive impact on the Islamic culture. Some of the areas the faith has focused on are; human equality, the society welfare and peace. Baha’is believe in unity, love, justice, altruism and peace. The faith’s teachings eliminate all forms of prejudice and instances of racism. Baha’i promotes the equality of different sexes and the agreement between religion and science. The lack of churches or clergy in the democratically led organizations attracts more people and improves the society’s welfare. This has influenced Muslims to seize neglecting women in religious activities thus allowing equality. Million’s of Baha’is all around the world come from distinct backgrounds but the faith has allowed them to live in peace.
The Islamic and Baha’i doctrines of God are very similar. The Baha’i view is essentially similar to the Shayki view. The latter view was not unorthodox as according to the Muslim st...

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...variety of teachings which were inconsistent with the Islamic beliefs. This include; the positioning of Baha’i outside Islamism and the finality of the prophet hood of Muhammad. It is due to this reason that the Baha’is are considered apostates of Islam. Thus according to the Islamists law, they must choose between repentance and death. Members of the religion have been subjected to torture, false imprisonments, confiscation, unwarranted arrests, destruction of property and unjustified executions. The persecution the community the right to government benefits, civil rights and liberties, denial of employment and lack of access to higher education. This has generally affected the lives of the Baha’i followers. Their faultless execution has reduced their number greatly. The development of skills among them has also become more complex as professionals are often killed.

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