Essay on Badges Do Not Grant Extra Rights

Essay on Badges Do Not Grant Extra Rights

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Badges Do Not Grant Extra Rights
Employee discipline has never been a simple process in any working environment, and law enforcement agencies should be no exception. Due to the authority police officers hold in our democratic society, there should be a greater demand of accountability among departments as well as for the individual officers. The unnecessary actions that officers take often end with life altering consequences for the public community. For instance, the vast number of police shootings that have resulted in various civilian deaths. Without discipline, an officer is nothing more than a government thug with a badge.
Society grants law enforcement an enormous amount of power over citizens in order to carry out the law and preserve social order. Officers are typically expected to use their judgement when deciding which laws to enforce, when and against whom. In the world we live in mistakes are inevitable, but abusing the power given to you in a state of honor and trust is inadmissible. There has been an abundance of police brutality cases in which officers have shot and killed innocent civilians. In most of those incidents, officers typically claim to have been in fear of their life. While in some cases that could possibly be true, more often than not it is a disguised state of badge abuse. A recent case of murder committed by the uniforms portrays a real life example of this power abuse. On July 5th, Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old African American man, was shot and killed outside of a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Berlinger). Witness testimony revealed that one of the officers had removed a gun from Sterling’s pocket after he was already shot (Berlinger). This is a clear indicator of a case where unnece...

... middle of paper ... about problems in the system, I believe issues like these are a majority of the percentile. As a country we are supposed to feel safe and trust our people in uniform. Quite frankly, it has been the complete opposite lately. When an officer is sworn in to oath, it is so easy to immediately have immense faith in that they will do the right thing. As straightforward as it is to want to believe in the policing community, it is unbelievably effortless for them to be able to take advantage of the badge. Of course, not all officers are corrupt. The media does in fact blow a lot of situations out of proportion and that does impact the impression society has on authoritative figures. When it comes down to it, an officer 's ethical judgement is what is important. If we cannot decipher between moral and immoral, then there is a lot more wrong with our system than we think.

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