The Bad Sides of Benefits Essay examples

The Bad Sides of Benefits Essay examples

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Imagine being a highly prospective high school athlete applying for college. Twenty five of the nation’s top Division I schools are fighting for your commitment, but you already have your mind set on one college. Until one day when a booster, from another college, shows up at your door and said to you, “I am willing to give you $100,000 to sign to our athletic program.” Would you take the money and accept the possible future consequences or stay with the school only offering a scholarship? This situation is one of the many that college athletes face with illegal recruiting practices. Illegal recruiting is any method, restricted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), that a college or university uses to lure prospective student –athletes (Illegal Recruiting). Special benefits are the most common illegal practice. They range from a simple cash payment to even a paid apartment or house. When colleges are caught violating NCAA rules, the penalties are costly and affect the athlete as well as the college. Giving student-athletes recruitment benefits should not be condoned by any athletic program because too much money is being spent only on athletics, smaller schools are at a disadvantage, and the penalties for violations are severe to the athletes and colleges.
Illegal Recruiting brings no benefit because there is a great amount of money and resources used solely on top prospects. Many colleges have spent thousands of dollars on extravagant meals, forms of housing, transportation, perks, and even direct payments (“Illegal Recruiting). Many boosters and supporters are willing to put forth money on athletics program, but it could easily be used to fund other areas of a university. Even governors seem willing enough to...

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