Bad School For Prison Pipeline Essay example

Bad School For Prison Pipeline Essay example

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Bad schools, bad polices and police fuel The school to prison pipeline

It is estimated that 3.3 million children annually are expelled or suspended for violent or nonviolent offenses while attending school. The majority of the offenses are nonviolent offenses that are handled just as harshly as violent school infractions due to zero tolerance laws. This essay will show how zero tolerance laws, bad schools and policing in schools is failing millions of minority students and fueling the school to prison pipeline.

The school to prison pipeline, according to the National Civil Liberties Union “refers to policies and practices that push our nations school children, especially at-risk minority black and Latino students, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems” by way of harsh and vague diciplinary and punitive actions.

Many zero tolerance disciplinary policies and practices treat non-violent, an as well as violent offenses equally when it comes to expelling and suspending the mostly minority students impacted by the policy.(

Zero tolerance laws

Zero tolerance laws are enforcement policies that started in 80’s after the 2008 “kids for cash” scandal and after the Columbine shootings, went nationwide as a means to keep school students safe from violent school children who are vilolent, carry guns, knives and other dangerous weapons.

Since the implementation of zero tolerance policy and the war on drugs policies the u.s.prison ncarceration rates have risen from roughly 500,000 to 3.3 million people incarcerated in u.s. prisons. 61percent of those incarcerated are black men 3.

Zero tolerance laws initially were introduced as a means to discipline drug offenses of students while attending ...

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...line is easily removed trough vested solutions implemented by politicians, school demonstrators, teachers and adequate school services supporting students. While student safety is paramount, research has shown student intervention and prevention programs are highly effective in dealing with student behavior and violence, while maintaining a productive and effective learning environment. Such measures are also more cost effective and better than pushing students into the juvenile justice system with students with behavior problems. In a nutshell, schools need to make sure that the School discipline matches the student offense. In addition, local as well as state policymakers need to reexamine no child left behind and zero tolerance policies, bad schools, policing in schools all of which current implementation feed sthe school to prison pipeline.

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