Essay on Bad Leadership Skills in Black Hearts by Jim Frederick

Essay on Bad Leadership Skills in Black Hearts by Jim Frederick

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Black Hearts is a great example of the reality on how severe bad leadership skills can ripple throughout a unit and impact its overall mission. This book serves as a guide for future leaders of America and will set the examples of what not to do in leadership positions. The lessons we can take from these soldiers can help us as potential leaders to become more competent and effective. The fact that this book focused on the hardships, poor decisions and sound judgment of the soldiers it helped emphasize on what was not the best choice of action and leaves a moment for you as the audience to think how you would of done it better. So right or wrong there was a lesson to be learned and the book did a good job including the reader. This book puts you in the shoes of a small group of soldiers from the 502nd Infantry Regiment and gives you an up close and personal take on the experience of the soldiers, from the bottom of the the ranks all the way up to the commander. 502nd Bravo Company 1st platoon deployed in the fall of 2005 into one of the most dangerous battle zones in Iraq known as the “Triangle of Death”. Thrown into the heartland of a growing insurgency, with undefined goals and a shortage of manpower, Bravo Company began piling up casualties at an alarming rate. They suffered many losses, as well as mental anguish. Because of the long and tragic deployment, a collapse in leadership began to unfold causing one of the most tragic, brutal, and infamous deployments in U.S Army history. There were many reasons that caused the deconstruction of leadership, and eventually, the actions of the soldiers accompanied by the lack of control, lead to the rape and murder of an innocent Iraqi girl and her family. This is a story about character...

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...fectively, and efficiently.
It is definitely a negative characteristic that someone with as short as a fuse as LTC. Kunk, would be put in such a position in the first place. What I didn’t comprehend is why Konk was capable of understanding and communicating with Iraqi civilians upon missions but for some reason felt like he didn’t need to pay his own soldiers the same respect. Unexceptable. Taking into account that I’m a communication major I can’t help but stress how important communication is. Therefore I consider this characteristics to be the most valuable and the main result of the downward spiral of events of 1st platoon. I would also disagree that my negative characteristic is the same. I could be a more effective communicator but it is not because I yell at the problem but more because I just need to better organize my speech and what I’m trying to convey.

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