Essay on Bad Cops: The Victims´ Miranda Rights

Essay on Bad Cops: The Victims´ Miranda Rights

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When people hear the word “Cop” what do people generally think? We believe that cops are here in this world to keep the peace in order, protect, serve, prevent and stop crime. We’ve seen all the stuff that shows the cops are the good guys in the news, reality TV shows, and at school presentations. Ever since the advanced technologies and the internet came to our time, we have seen a lot of cops showing their true colors to the world. Now we sometimes think differently and have second thoughts about them. People on social media sites like YouTube put up those videos of cops who are caught on tape in the act of wrongdoings. Those videos show a lot of cops who aren’t doing their job right. Some cops arrest people without saying the Miranda rights. Some just barge right into peoples’ home without a consent form. Some even take things too far like beating up people when they’re clearly showing that they surrendered. If I have the power to change one thing in this world then it will be getting rid of these bad cops.
When talking about bad cops, I’m talking about cops who are not doing their job right. I’m talking about cops that do unnecessary misconducts and have an immoral behavior. Cops who don’t show badges, not giving reasons for arrest, not saying the victims’ Miranda rights are the definition of a Bad cop. An example would in a YouTube video called “Civil Rights Snatched!!!”, where the person forcibly arrested a guy named Xstray who was just drinking an Arizona iced tea. That person was a cop but he wasn’t wearing a uniform. He didn’t show his badge or any identification, and didn’t say the victim’s Miranda rights. All of these things he did are an example of a bad cop.
A good cop would do things differently than the bad cop in ...

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...ent policies and procedures manual for cops to follow and all citizens should always video tape when there a situation between a cop and a suspect. That way the cops will know what they can and cannot do during the situation with the suspect.

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