Bad Catholic : Why It Is Okay Essay

Bad Catholic : Why It Is Okay Essay

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Bad Catholic: Why It Is Okay to Have Different Views From the Church.
Many people believe that Catholics are grouped into being the pious conservative who place themselves on a pedestal that is much higher than others. The austere set of rules one must follow in order to have the right of labeling themselves as a "good Catholic" are to believe that homosexuality is an abomination on all of humanity, being impregnated by a rapist is no way grounds for aborting the fetus of the perpetrator, and not making enough time or putting forth enough effort to go to mass. This causes an oppression on ones ' abilities to express their opinion without being ostracized by their own community. The assumptions that are placed on Catholics are that they do not approve other religions, are older white people, and force their beliefs on everyone they meet. As a young Catholic in a changing world, these rules not only make me feel oppressed to form my own opinion but, degrades me be being labeled as "bad" Catholic because I do not meet the requirements of these standards. The way that I choose to live my life as a Catholic should not be molded or judged by others who do not deem my views acceptable.
According to the Catholic Church, and many Christian religions, homosexuality had zero grounds for acceptance however, I grew up in a religious Mexican family where we believed you should not hate or discriminate one for how they were born but based on their character . Therefore, in the set standards of being a good Catholic, it is not expected of me disagree with the view of the church whether what the church deemed as acceptable is right or wrong but, I am accepted too willing to agree to all their teachings. I would like to clarify that I do in fact ...

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...he excuse to tell these women so that you would be shamed in the community such as lying and saying I fell ill, or some excuse similar to this, began to exasperate me. I did not, and still do not, understand why these "religious" women felt they had any type of right to ask why I did not attend mass.
Having faith in any religions should be a good enough reason to consider oneself as being "good" believer. Forming your own opinions and beliefs based off of your belief just molds the people 's persona. Having faith should be enough to consummate one of being good enough in the eyes of their religious communities. I have a strong faith and I would like to believe that I am a good Catholic in my eyes and those who are close to me. I will not conform to the other labels that people "follow" and feel that they can judge others who did not follow the rules exactly.

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