Bad Breath: Causes and Treatments Essay

Bad Breath: Causes and Treatments Essay

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For people who are socially inactive, their huge problem with interacting with other people can be that their breath stinks. It is a very simple problem, but can easily affect their lives in a major way and cause them to be shy or mute towards new people. Other individuals wouldn’t want to interact with the guy or girl with the toxic waste dump that is their breath. Though the problem can be that this person just has poor dental hygiene or a possibility is the food that they are eating at the time.
To find out what is wrong with a person’s breath, they should evaluate what they eat on a daily process, “certain foods that cause bad breath are onions, garlic, alcohol, coffee, and tobacco" (Bad Breath (Halitosis) – Causes and Treatments). These foods cause bad breath because they linger in the mouth with their bacteria that they possess and with those bacteria, it makes the mouth smell foul. Though it is very legit that those foods do cause bad breath since it is commonly known that of course onions give a person that foulness, but what isn’t well known is that a person’s diet can be a key factor as well. Since in the foods are the amino acids that are feeding the free loader guests, “as the bacteria grow, they feed on amino acids, chemicals that are building blocks of proteins. The breakdown of amino acids releases H.sub.2S and other rancid chemicals. Eating foods high in proteins, such as meat, eggs, and fish, can leave behind enough amino acids to feed a houseful of halitosis hatching anaerobes.” (A Mouth That Spells Bad Breath). Proteins in foods are problem makers as well, especially if those foods are a main contributor in ones diet. A person should always have variety in their diet and not just eat the same foods tha...

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... breath smell better, as well.
People who have to suffer with bad breath have many and very easy steps to solve their problem. The solution is very easy and it will make people feel better about them and it will improve their self-confidence. People can easily hang out with their friends or make new friends knowing that no one will be discouraged to talk to them with bad breath.

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