Essay about Backyard Chickens

Essay about Backyard Chickens

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One particularly warm evening last summer, I walked into my backyard to relax and enjoy some fresh air. Instead, I was greeted by the loud shriek of a chicken. We had an uninvited guest in our vegetable garden. Unfortunately, such chicken invasions are a common occurrence in many areas of Stockton, California. Throughout the United States, municipalities small and large are debating whether or not they should enact residential livestock ordinances, specifically in regards to poultry. Considering that they are often a public nuisance and pose a health risk, local officials should consider restricting the private ownership of chickens in heavily populated urban areas.
While there are many reasons a person may wish to raise their own chickens, not everyone in their neighborhood may support the idea. Chickens frequently make noises, which may disturb those with sensitive hearing. Also, negligent practices can lead to odor problems. This is especially a concern to those in areas of warmer climates, such as the Central Valley where temperatures often reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Ordinances are already in effect in most cities for dogs and other pets. Whether they require owners to obtain licenses or serve to restrict the general noise level in an area, these laws are usually in place for the protection of both the animals and the humans that live among them. It seems only fair that if chickens are considered acceptable pets in an area, current laws should be amended to include them or new, similar protections should be put in place.
Recent concerns regarding the risks of Avian flu and other exotic diseases prompted some local poultry farmers to adopt strict biosecurity protocols in order to keep their birds safe. ...

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