Backing Up Active Directory In Windows 2000 Essay

Backing Up Active Directory In Windows 2000 Essay

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Backing up Active Directory in Windows 2000

Generally speaking, the backup of mission critical data is the most important part of any IT engineer’s job. While recovering the missing data is important, additional consideration needs to be given to getting the network framework back up and running quickly so that employees can get back to work, saving the company the added cost of lost man-hours. We also need to ensure that the network structure that gets restored is one that the employees are use to using. Those hours the company saved in lost productivity by getting the network back up and the data restored will be lost if the environment provided to the employees is unfamiliar and causes them to spend their time working inefficiently. Any precautions implemented by a company need to take into account these factors at the very least to ensure network stability. During the discussion of these topics in this paper we will first explore the various procedures and structures that make up a sound backup system, and then we will look what it takes to backup the network environment in a Windows 2000 domain.
Let’s take into consideration a situation where the hard drive on your corporation’s primary file server fails. You contact the manufacturer of the server and have a warranty replacement hard drive shipped out to replace the one that failed. The problem is that that replacement hard drive is not shipped with your company’s data on it, and therefore is not a comprehensive substitute for the drive you lost. The main reason for this is because data (unlike hardware) cannot be replaced once it is lost, unless precautions were taken ahead of time that takes into consideration the possible failure of that drive.
Safety measures are usu...

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...mpany a fortune in lost productivity. We have seen how to restore the Active Directory using many different scenarios and situations, and we are aware of the inner working of the AD so that we can take into account the best method for restoring the domain.


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